1. Payment methods

There are three methods of payment: PayPal, credit card and wire transfer. At the check-out you can select two payment options: PayPal and SEPA. If you choose PayPal (recommended for non-European residents), you will receive a link to the PayPal payment page after we process your order. PayPal provides an option to pay with credit card for users without accounts. SEPA is an affordable European wire transfer, an option which we recommend for those who have bank accounts in Europe. Currently SEPA consists of the 28 states of the European Union as well as Switzerland, Norway, Iceland, Lichtenstein, Monaco, and San Marino. We will send you transfer details after processing your order.

2. Names spellings

While searching for given and last names, the option “Sounds like” is turned on by default. The option utilizes the approximate phonetic matching system developed by Alexander Beider and Steven Morse (BMPM) optimized for searches of the names of Ashkenazi Jews. Its main purpose is to account for differences in spellings originating from different representation of phonemes in various languages (e.g. English “sh” is equivalent to Hungarian “s”, Polish “sz” and German “sch”). BMPM also helps the user cope with various systems of transcription between alphabets (e.g. Cyrillic “й” to either “i”, “y” or “j”). While searching, you don’t have to worry whether the spelling you provide is “correct”, IndexingRoots will return you results with approximate spelling. When in doubt, feel free to search for the alternative spelling or order our consultation services before you purchase a Research Plan.
If you switch search options to “Exact spelling”, IndexingRoots will use BMPM exact phonetic matching which uses more strict rules for matching, but still accounts e.g. for male and female versions of the last name.